Sunday, 17 May 2009

Haul :)

Do you think I buy too much, because I think I do. :)
Actually, I bought everything yesterday, but I was too lazy to do this so yeahhhh.

Firstly, we have more Barry M Nail Paints in 302 Fuchsia and 299 Racing Green. How nice is Racing Green! It's this dark navy colour with green shimmers. C'est lushhhh! But, it's not very opaque so you have to paint about 3 coats, other than that *thumbs up*
Fuchsia is a lovely colour too. It's a very wearable fuchsia too, not too bright but bright enough to make a statement. 

Next up, I was browsing Superdrug and I saw these hung up. I saw these a few weeks back but never really took notice of them, until now. Cheryl's were completely gone, even though, I thought they weren't all that nice but i guess it just shows you how popular people really are or how people actually do like thing you dont like. I really like Nicolas (L, T) because of the winged effect on the lashes to elongate your eyes and it's very natural and whispy. Nadines (R, B) are more spikey and thick and they also have crosses at the roots of the lashes, It's more dramatic but still very natural. Both bought for a reasonable price, since it's on sale (I think) I'd suggest buying them while they last. Back ups maybe?

 I bought these two items from River Island. I had been wanting this hat since it first appeared on the walls of my River Island, I had thought, "£9.99 for a hat?" but I finally caved in and I love it :) I like the look of slouchy beanies, I think they look cute xD. 
I walked passed this top about 60x before I actually stopped and took a look. It reminds me of summer somehow, maybe it was the halter neck design or the polka dots or the colour. Paired with dark coloured skinnies and studded heels *double thumbs up*

I was walking towards Internacionale; a shop that i neglect because of the over-priced neon clothing that was being sold there, but there really are some nice things inside. For example, this pink, grey and black dress that was in the same design as the topshop dress that I reeeeally wanted. BTW, I didn't get the dress. £18.99 for a dress? I was looking for a bargin! Thats when i turned away from the gorgeousness of the dress and read the sign that said, "Buy one and get the cheapest one for £1", I thought, "oooo helloo bargin". So I wound up with these two dresses for £9! The blue one is my favourite, because you can wear it as a top and a dress but I guess you can do that with both. I like the rolled up shoulder things, it's so casual and nice. I love the colour of the other dress. It's more of a pink coral than a peach/red coral and it just compliments my skin tone very nicely :)

Well that's it really. 
Thank you for spending your time to read this haul
I'll be posting my tutorial next :)


Thursday, 14 May 2009

New pics<3

Omy, how different do I look btw :D
I have my brown contacts in from FreshKon in Winsome Brown.
I love circle lenses, my asian eyes look awake :)
for once. haha.
I have brown and black ones.
I want grey, purple, blue and greeeeeeen!

p.s my art exams are over! overall i did 20 hours of art in 4 days :) aren't i just lucky? x

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Collective Haul.

Helloo :)
I know I meant to update this everyday, just like I vowed to make videos every week.
but as you can see,
that failed.

I'm going to try as hard as I can to update this blog everyday, it takes less time to write a post than to record a video, edit it and post it up onto youtube, then wait for it to finish loading.
This doesn't mean I'm retiring from YouTube, It just means I complain a hell of a lot.

Okay enough rambling and onto the collective haul.

Well, I'll begin with last week's buy. We have two Nail Paints from Barry M in 293 Grey and 273 Raspberry to add to my army and they costs around £3, which is pretty good and some of the paints are very good indeed. Gotta have em' all! (lol, remind you of a certain phrase?) Well, thats my aim anyway.

From River Island I bought this lovely Patent Quilted Zip Purse for a price of £14.99, pretty reasonable. It's white, it's large and it's quilted with the RI logo on the front in a tarnished metal. Also comes in black and hot pink. I love quilted items, all my friends think it's granny-esque, but something just attracts me to it.

Another quilted item, an across body style bag from New Look for £12.00. Verdict? Absolutely in love with the damn bag! Omg. You'll be surprised in how much junk you can fit in it's trunk. I love the little thick strap you get at the top. It's a life-saver when you have a load of stuff inside. I love the fact that everyone is going for the chanel-ish style, with the black trim and the contrast of the colours. Also comes in handbag form.

Today I bought...

Dream Matte Mousse in 032 Golden from Maybelline to replace my old one which has about 10% of the product left. I really life this product for touch-ups when i'm on the go. it's so easy to blend and it doesn't make a mess and i love the fact that it doesn't make my oily skin even more oily.
Except, i think it's too light for me :/ but it's fine when it gets blended though.

Okay, i've bought a lot of clothes recently. I am actually obssessed. BUT, it's not my fault, they call for me :)

First we have the shirt from Topshop that I said I would get and i'm loving how comfortable and casual this shirt is, it's brillant. Paired with a brown chunky belt *drools* lmaoo!

Okayyy, next we have this Crochet Trim Blouse from New Look, pricing at £18. Now, I'll be honest, I FRICKEN LOVE IT! even the molly shoulder thingys. This top with dark blue skinnies or leggings = My perfect way of wearing it. It's so versitle for casual and formal wear.

Next on the menu, we have this £17 Slouchy Sweat from River Island. As a matter of fact, I am wearing this right now. hehe, I have a tendancy to wear things on the same day as i've bought them. It's so casual and comfortable and it has a fluro orange diamond on the front. As it's a diamond, i'll forgive the neon orange colour, however, paired with the peachy pinkness, it's quite nice :)

Last, but definately not least, is the Bandeau Placket Playsuit, also from River Island. I'm a bit iffy on this one. I really like it, but on me :/ not so likey. In my opinion, I think I look like a moose. Whatever, i'll still wear it. Maybe with a white long sleeved top, tights and boots? Any suggestions?

Well, that's the last of it. I hope you've enjoyed viewing my haul and my intention behind this post, is not to brag. I just wanted to share with you the kind of clothes that I enjoy very much and also letting you see what products that I rate very high or very low :)

Thanks for spending your time to read this extremely long post

S x

p.s. All of these items can be found on the websites of the stores. I actually checked (except the Dream Matte Mousse, you can find that at places :]) subject to availability.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Wishlist - Shirts

I'm really only just getting into shirt. I own the few checked/flannel shirts, but i'm after something completely different.

 Name? Wide stripe city shirt. Where can i buy? Topshop. And how much for? £28
it's so simple, don't you think? i need to buy new shorts, new belt and new jewellry to pair it up with this stunner. I'll update more when i've actually bought the shirt :) 

S x

Why is life so pooey atm?

Hey everyone :)

I'm not in the bestest of moods right now.
I'm feeling fed up and extremely full from the chicken parmo i just devoured.

I have exams all this and next week. 
20 hours of art, over 4 days is actually hell on earth.
If i find the person who decided this, i will kill them, bring them back to life, then kill them all over again.

Enough negitivity. 

My up's and down's :)


  1. The Inbetweeners - Such a great way to relax and have a laughing fit too. 
  2. The Body Shop's Strawberry puree body lotion - I use this on my hands, smells well yummy! 
  3. Shirts - I really want this shirt from Topshop. Paired with shorts, a chunky belt and boots *love* The shirt i bought from New Look is one of my new favourites too 
  4. Circle lenses - I look so much better, really. Without these babies, my eyes look small and tired :(
  5. Atashinchi No Danshi -The new j-drama, starring Horikita Maki. It's so funny just like Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. I recommend you watch it now! You can watch both of these dramas @

  1. Exams stress - GCSE stress is the best! I haven't had a good night's sleep without worrying about my grades and how much work i'm behind on.
  2. The cold - It's nearly summer and i'm still wearing scarves and jackets. When am i going to be able to just wear some capri's and vest top?!
  3. Bread - Why do the french each so much bread. Bread with rice and pasta? Not my favourite meal.
  4. Oily skin - My skin is acting up like mad! It's like a chip pan on my face, especially my t-zone and cheeks :/
  5. Fluro clothing - Tacky much? Basically, I hate neon colours.


Monday, 4 May 2009

Happy Birthday to this Blog!

Hello readers of this newly born blog. 
Well you can definitely tell that i suck at words :)

This blog will hopefully be updated every week, I'll definitely try to anyway, how hard can it be?
I'll also add a lot of photographs, so you won't have to read essays upon essays of me having a rant and a ramble.

Thank you to my subscribers on YouTube and also thank you to the future readers of my blog

S x