Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Heyy guyss and galss!!

Long time no blog :)
It's nearlyy the summer holiday, and I get 7 weeks off! 7 weeks!
That means, 7 whole weeks, of chilling, sleeping and lounging around
I seriously cannot wait!
It won't be all fun and no work.
I'll have loads of time to make videos and blog! Except my WMM is *censored* up! I have nothing to make my videos on
Anyone got any ideas or links for movie maker downloads?

Speak soooon xxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 4 July 2009


Heyy :)
Long time no blog, it's already julyyy! Which mean 5 more months till im 16!
Getting drunk? Ofc!
Today in darlington we have lovely weather so i'm going to go shopping so expect a haul. Might not be a large one but yeaaaa.
Alsoo, I need to edit my videos to put on youtube
See you guys and gals soon!
Heres a pic of my outfit today :)
Yes I overdress for just shopping xD

lu <3