Thursday, 27 August 2009

Lucky i've got on waterproof mascara.

Results day.
And I've got a feeling that i'll be crying because of the very bad results.
If getting your GCSE's isn't enough pressure. An extra dose of Asian parents. Now that should do the trick :)

On a happier note. I'm going clubbing, Verrrryyy soon :)
As a matter of fact - tonight!
I'll post some pictures of my outfit.
The pictures will probably include my lovely friend :)

Good luck to you all if your getting your results.
And have a great day :)


Saturday, 22 August 2009


27th of August - Probably the scariest day of my life.
Probably not.

GCSE results day.
For all you students getting your results.

I'm terrified of opening the envalope.

So how've you been?
For me? Life is mediocre atm. Not brilliant but not completely shite. haha.

Cannot wait to get them results.
I've got my outfit planned. Picture timee!
Look out for that post on the 27th. I might even add in a tutorial :O!

Anyway :)

See you guys soonish


Saturday, 8 August 2009

Have you ever loved somebody so much, it makes you cry.

Falling for someone hurts. Especially when they have a girlfriend and are happy. Do the people who get left out ever get to be happy?
You're friends. Yep. Then why does it always hurt to think about what you're thinking about? Why do you feel the way you feel? To know that they've got the future sorted and your still stuck in the past, trying to pick up the pieces you've lost? Why doesn't your brain just know when to stop?

When you finally begin to calm your heart down, why does it start revving it's engine again?
Is it me? or is unrequited love extremely pants?

Feel/Felt the same way? Tell me about it. Post a comment :)
Not feeling like opening up publicly? Email me -


Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Beach house :)

Here are some screen shots. I'm pretty proud of myself :)
<3 x

From the bedroom.

Living room/Kitchen.

First impressions.

Chill out balcony.

The Bedroom.
Haha. Well. I'm off to make my sims have babies.
See you laterrr!
:) x

I've been sim-ified.

This is no joke. Guess what I did from 3 o'clock in the afternoon till 8 o'clock at night? I sat on my very uncomfortable computer chair and played on the Sims. No just any old Sims. Sims 3. Could this be a review? Tottaly irrelavent to what this blog is about. Live with it :)

I remember the old days (about 6 years ago) when my mum bought me my first ever sims; the original sims. I adored it! The power to become god? Hell yeah! Setting the whole house on fire. Murdering the sim by letting a cooking newb fry up a sophisticated dish of some food I can't remember the name of. Life was good. Until Sims 2 was unleashed. Life became even better!

At this point, I didn't care for creating havoc and mischeif. Downloading custom content was the only reason I even bothered. So many clothes. I finally could reflect my own style on my sim. I remember finding this GORGEOUS casual outfit that consisted of grey skinny jeans, red and white striped vest top, navy blue boyfriend blazer, topped off with loads of gold jewellery and heels. I downloaded everything - from clothes to lingerie.

But then I got bored with just dressing them. So I searched 'sims 2 furniture downloads', just on a wim, not knowing what the end results would be. I was amazed at how many links my eager cursor could click on. I downloaded more and more furniture and less and less clothes - i kept the best, of course. I was hooked on Sims 2 interior designing. Creating houses and furnishing them took the longest amount of time in my opinion. My favourite provider - - I was speechless at how amazing people were. I even favourited a Sims 2 magazine that specialised in interior and exterior designs., i believe was the website. Absolutely stunning. It is a Sims 2 architecture and interior design addicts holy bible.

Time went by and the new craze, Sims 3 was released. I was xSparkage talking about it and I wanted it. Reaaaaaaaal bad. So I went to my local HMV and bought the damn thing for £40! I arrived home and went straight to the computer. It didn't take long to load. Well. Not as long as everyone was saying it was. To this day, It's still pretty quick *thank god* I arrived on the unfamiliar home screen and thought 'WTF', I didn't know what to do or what to press. It's so jam packed of things to do and endless possiblities that I was gobsmacked. I'd never taken so long to create a sim, build a home and furnish it. It actually wares you out, by the time you actually get to start some gameplay, your out of breath (not literally) and tired from playing.

I see what Leesha means. It's so crazy and you have so much to do that you end up being sick of hearing the background music. However, I love it still. The choices given to you makes me feel quite blissed. I don't have to worry about not finding the right colour or not liking the pattern. Your limited when it comes to type and style but you have so much fun in the process of creating everything you forget about it :)

I'll put some photos up later - probably after this one.
Anyone think that it's an extremely annoying bother, when you write an essay on here and you want to put images or graphics at the end of your rant but you have to drag the images to the bottom. :

I'll see you guys soon, hopefully with a video of some sort

:) x

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ever think that maybe you'll be bald one day?

Okay, I know. Wierd ass title, but. You see, dying my hair 3 times over the space of 4 days, made me think. What happens to you when you overdye. Will my hair fall out and become an egg head? or How do you make your hair stronger?
Here's the full story. Strap into your seats, It's a long journey.

Not really.. :)
It began, when I stepped into 'Dazzles', A shop that sells Make up, Jewellery ect. I saw a bottle of Stargazer's Blue Black Semi-Permenant hair dye. It was blue black, what was the harm in that? I've died my hair blue black before, but i've always used the more common drugstore at-home hair dye kits. Schwarzkopf XXL Live in Cosmic Blue to be exact, but it always gave my dark hair a tinge of blue. So I came up with the now, not-so-ingenious idea of prelightening my hair, so the blue would shine through. I though, 'yeahh! this will work. It'll be the same as all the other times i've dyed my hair blue black! Just.. Brighter'.
Big mistake. I purchased the bottle of hell and walk home, happy with myself as I remembered that I had a bottle of Schwarzkopf XXL Live in Absolute Platinum in the bathroom cupboard. I asked my mum, nicely to dye my hair. Obviously, 1 bottle was not enough to fight against my thick long locks. Too late now as the cling film was being wrapped around my head.
2 hours and 35 minutes later. I had bright orange hair with chunks of black where the dye had failed to attack. I liked it. No. I ADORED it. Surprisingly, so did everyone else. I was shocked. I felt so brave for actually stepping out in public with my Hayley Williams hair. But being as stubborn as I was. I wanted to carry out my plan. So I did.
I hated it. I looked in the mirror and I didn't like what looked back. Bright ocean blue hair mixed in with highlights of Lime Green and lowlights of a Deep Navy. Three words sprung to mind - W. T. F. I missed my ginger hair. I'd never thought that I would be so attached to a hair colour. I had to get rid of it. The next morning, my poor Mum went to Boots and bought me a nice natural black hair dye. To be truthful. I didn't care what brand it was. I wanted it to be killed! I scrubbed the black into my hair like I was mad! I had spent the night crying to my two friends. One on MSN, the other on the phone. I was kicking myself for being so impulsive and irrational. I washed the hair off and turned my shower green. I saw this as a good sign, like the sins were being washed away from me, or my hair :)
Now it's a healthy looking shiny black that's being given as much love as i could give hair, but I might go back ginger since Orange is my happy colour. If anyone knows any shampoo/conditioner/treatment for coloured hair that is reccomendable, hook me up :) Me and My hair will love you :D Enough of my rant! It's time for bed! x
Before :)
After :)
:) x

Long time no blog

I guess I have some explaining to do.
I have majorly neglected YT and this blog. Even though I said I would try and post something, anything.
That rule is officially going to be ripped up into little microscopic pieces and start clean and fresh for the month of August.
Here we go..

  • Rule No.1 - Post in Blog everytime you have nothing to do.
  • Rule No.2 - Keep checking the Blog, even if you have nothing to say.

Do you guys think I can keep to it?

:) x