Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Ever think that maybe you'll be bald one day?

Okay, I know. Wierd ass title, but. You see, dying my hair 3 times over the space of 4 days, made me think. What happens to you when you overdye. Will my hair fall out and become an egg head? or How do you make your hair stronger?
Here's the full story. Strap into your seats, It's a long journey.

Not really.. :)
It began, when I stepped into 'Dazzles', A shop that sells Make up, Jewellery ect. I saw a bottle of Stargazer's Blue Black Semi-Permenant hair dye. It was blue black, what was the harm in that? I've died my hair blue black before, but i've always used the more common drugstore at-home hair dye kits. Schwarzkopf XXL Live in Cosmic Blue to be exact, but it always gave my dark hair a tinge of blue. So I came up with the now, not-so-ingenious idea of prelightening my hair, so the blue would shine through. I though, 'yeahh! this will work. It'll be the same as all the other times i've dyed my hair blue black! Just.. Brighter'.
Big mistake. I purchased the bottle of hell and walk home, happy with myself as I remembered that I had a bottle of Schwarzkopf XXL Live in Absolute Platinum in the bathroom cupboard. I asked my mum, nicely to dye my hair. Obviously, 1 bottle was not enough to fight against my thick long locks. Too late now as the cling film was being wrapped around my head.
2 hours and 35 minutes later. I had bright orange hair with chunks of black where the dye had failed to attack. I liked it. No. I ADORED it. Surprisingly, so did everyone else. I was shocked. I felt so brave for actually stepping out in public with my Hayley Williams hair. But being as stubborn as I was. I wanted to carry out my plan. So I did.
I hated it. I looked in the mirror and I didn't like what looked back. Bright ocean blue hair mixed in with highlights of Lime Green and lowlights of a Deep Navy. Three words sprung to mind - W. T. F. I missed my ginger hair. I'd never thought that I would be so attached to a hair colour. I had to get rid of it. The next morning, my poor Mum went to Boots and bought me a nice natural black hair dye. To be truthful. I didn't care what brand it was. I wanted it to be killed! I scrubbed the black into my hair like I was mad! I had spent the night crying to my two friends. One on MSN, the other on the phone. I was kicking myself for being so impulsive and irrational. I washed the hair off and turned my shower green. I saw this as a good sign, like the sins were being washed away from me, or my hair :)
Now it's a healthy looking shiny black that's being given as much love as i could give hair, but I might go back ginger since Orange is my happy colour. If anyone knows any shampoo/conditioner/treatment for coloured hair that is reccomendable, hook me up :) Me and My hair will love you :D Enough of my rant! It's time for bed! x
Before :)
After :)
:) x

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