Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Well, here we are in the month of June.
Don't you feel that it has gone by so quickly? By this time next year, I'll be off to 6th form. yey.
I'm trying to save up loads and then spend it all on make up, so look out for my haul and stuff like that.
And for some reason, I can't ever make a good youtube video, I always make one, then re-do it, then my camera runs out of battery. Maybe I'm just a perfectionist xD

I'm off to bed, but before I go I'll do an little chat about my day and a wishlist.
oh! I decided that I'm going to make a wishlist every month :)

*What I've done today (WIDT)*

-Woke up at 8.34am when I had a exam at 9am. I arrived 4 minutes late :) go me! I got stared at, whilst everyone sat in silence and watched me walk to my seat.

-Went out and sat in the park for a bit of a banter with friends :)

-Went dancing - It was boiling in the studio. Sweaty, red face doesn't look cute.

-Went back out and sat in a park, texting.


-LUSH - Honey I washed the kids soap, ££ varies
-LUSH - Ocean salt 120g, £5.82 
-LUSH - Angels on bare skin, £5.14
-LUSH - Grease lightning, £4.95
-LUSH - Honey I washed the kids solid perfume, £4.84
-MAC - Beauty Marked, Woodwinked and Carbon Eye shadow, £9.79
-MAC - Bare study and Blackground Paint pot, £11.74
-MAC - Myth and Politely pink Lip stick, £11.26
-MAC - C-thru, Underaged and Oyter girl Lipglass, £10.28
-MAC - Babysparks Dazzleglass, £12.72 *AND you get less than a regular lipglass :@*
-MAC - Mineralized skinfinish natural Light medium, £17.13
-MAC - 239, £16.64

Wow, I got lots of saving up to do. :)


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