Sunday, 17 May 2009

Haul :)

Do you think I buy too much, because I think I do. :)
Actually, I bought everything yesterday, but I was too lazy to do this so yeahhhh.

Firstly, we have more Barry M Nail Paints in 302 Fuchsia and 299 Racing Green. How nice is Racing Green! It's this dark navy colour with green shimmers. C'est lushhhh! But, it's not very opaque so you have to paint about 3 coats, other than that *thumbs up*
Fuchsia is a lovely colour too. It's a very wearable fuchsia too, not too bright but bright enough to make a statement. 

Next up, I was browsing Superdrug and I saw these hung up. I saw these a few weeks back but never really took notice of them, until now. Cheryl's were completely gone, even though, I thought they weren't all that nice but i guess it just shows you how popular people really are or how people actually do like thing you dont like. I really like Nicolas (L, T) because of the winged effect on the lashes to elongate your eyes and it's very natural and whispy. Nadines (R, B) are more spikey and thick and they also have crosses at the roots of the lashes, It's more dramatic but still very natural. Both bought for a reasonable price, since it's on sale (I think) I'd suggest buying them while they last. Back ups maybe?

 I bought these two items from River Island. I had been wanting this hat since it first appeared on the walls of my River Island, I had thought, "£9.99 for a hat?" but I finally caved in and I love it :) I like the look of slouchy beanies, I think they look cute xD. 
I walked passed this top about 60x before I actually stopped and took a look. It reminds me of summer somehow, maybe it was the halter neck design or the polka dots or the colour. Paired with dark coloured skinnies and studded heels *double thumbs up*

I was walking towards Internacionale; a shop that i neglect because of the over-priced neon clothing that was being sold there, but there really are some nice things inside. For example, this pink, grey and black dress that was in the same design as the topshop dress that I reeeeally wanted. BTW, I didn't get the dress. £18.99 for a dress? I was looking for a bargin! Thats when i turned away from the gorgeousness of the dress and read the sign that said, "Buy one and get the cheapest one for £1", I thought, "oooo helloo bargin". So I wound up with these two dresses for £9! The blue one is my favourite, because you can wear it as a top and a dress but I guess you can do that with both. I like the rolled up shoulder things, it's so casual and nice. I love the colour of the other dress. It's more of a pink coral than a peach/red coral and it just compliments my skin tone very nicely :)

Well that's it really. 
Thank you for spending your time to read this haul
I'll be posting my tutorial next :)



  1. Loving your blog! come stop by my mine and have a look around.
    Hope to see you around there soon!
    x Belle

  2. thankss :)
    and i will do belle

  3. I love the "racing green" nailpolish, my sister already has the pink one :P

    I might buy Nicola's eyelashes they look really pretty.

    I followed your blog btw. :) x