Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Why is life so pooey atm?

Hey everyone :)

I'm not in the bestest of moods right now.
I'm feeling fed up and extremely full from the chicken parmo i just devoured.

I have exams all this and next week. 
20 hours of art, over 4 days is actually hell on earth.
If i find the person who decided this, i will kill them, bring them back to life, then kill them all over again.

Enough negitivity. 

My up's and down's :)


  1. The Inbetweeners - Such a great way to relax and have a laughing fit too. 
  2. The Body Shop's Strawberry puree body lotion - I use this on my hands, smells well yummy! 
  3. Shirts - I really want this shirt from Topshop. Paired with shorts, a chunky belt and boots *love* The shirt i bought from New Look is one of my new favourites too 
  4. Circle lenses - I look so much better, really. Without these babies, my eyes look small and tired :(
  5. Atashinchi No Danshi -The new j-drama, starring Horikita Maki. It's so funny just like Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. I recommend you watch it now! You can watch both of these dramas @ www.dramacrazy.net.

  1. Exams stress - GCSE stress is the best! I haven't had a good night's sleep without worrying about my grades and how much work i'm behind on.
  2. The cold - It's nearly summer and i'm still wearing scarves and jackets. When am i going to be able to just wear some capri's and vest top?!
  3. Bread - Why do the french each so much bread. Bread with rice and pasta? Not my favourite meal.
  4. Oily skin - My skin is acting up like mad! It's like a chip pan on my face, especially my t-zone and cheeks :/
  5. Fluro clothing - Tacky much? Basically, I hate neon colours.


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