Saturday, 9 May 2009

Collective Haul.

Helloo :)
I know I meant to update this everyday, just like I vowed to make videos every week.
but as you can see,
that failed.

I'm going to try as hard as I can to update this blog everyday, it takes less time to write a post than to record a video, edit it and post it up onto youtube, then wait for it to finish loading.
This doesn't mean I'm retiring from YouTube, It just means I complain a hell of a lot.

Okay enough rambling and onto the collective haul.

Well, I'll begin with last week's buy. We have two Nail Paints from Barry M in 293 Grey and 273 Raspberry to add to my army and they costs around £3, which is pretty good and some of the paints are very good indeed. Gotta have em' all! (lol, remind you of a certain phrase?) Well, thats my aim anyway.

From River Island I bought this lovely Patent Quilted Zip Purse for a price of £14.99, pretty reasonable. It's white, it's large and it's quilted with the RI logo on the front in a tarnished metal. Also comes in black and hot pink. I love quilted items, all my friends think it's granny-esque, but something just attracts me to it.

Another quilted item, an across body style bag from New Look for £12.00. Verdict? Absolutely in love with the damn bag! Omg. You'll be surprised in how much junk you can fit in it's trunk. I love the little thick strap you get at the top. It's a life-saver when you have a load of stuff inside. I love the fact that everyone is going for the chanel-ish style, with the black trim and the contrast of the colours. Also comes in handbag form.

Today I bought...

Dream Matte Mousse in 032 Golden from Maybelline to replace my old one which has about 10% of the product left. I really life this product for touch-ups when i'm on the go. it's so easy to blend and it doesn't make a mess and i love the fact that it doesn't make my oily skin even more oily.
Except, i think it's too light for me :/ but it's fine when it gets blended though.

Okay, i've bought a lot of clothes recently. I am actually obssessed. BUT, it's not my fault, they call for me :)

First we have the shirt from Topshop that I said I would get and i'm loving how comfortable and casual this shirt is, it's brillant. Paired with a brown chunky belt *drools* lmaoo!

Okayyy, next we have this Crochet Trim Blouse from New Look, pricing at £18. Now, I'll be honest, I FRICKEN LOVE IT! even the molly shoulder thingys. This top with dark blue skinnies or leggings = My perfect way of wearing it. It's so versitle for casual and formal wear.

Next on the menu, we have this £17 Slouchy Sweat from River Island. As a matter of fact, I am wearing this right now. hehe, I have a tendancy to wear things on the same day as i've bought them. It's so casual and comfortable and it has a fluro orange diamond on the front. As it's a diamond, i'll forgive the neon orange colour, however, paired with the peachy pinkness, it's quite nice :)

Last, but definately not least, is the Bandeau Placket Playsuit, also from River Island. I'm a bit iffy on this one. I really like it, but on me :/ not so likey. In my opinion, I think I look like a moose. Whatever, i'll still wear it. Maybe with a white long sleeved top, tights and boots? Any suggestions?

Well, that's the last of it. I hope you've enjoyed viewing my haul and my intention behind this post, is not to brag. I just wanted to share with you the kind of clothes that I enjoy very much and also letting you see what products that I rate very high or very low :)

Thanks for spending your time to read this extremely long post

S x

p.s. All of these items can be found on the websites of the stores. I actually checked (except the Dream Matte Mousse, you can find that at places :]) subject to availability.


  1. wow great haul! And that grey color nail polish is nice!

  2. thanks!
    and it is :)
    but you need two coats, because it goes on a tiny bit streaky
    but only a tiny bit :)